Mission and Goals

The mission of the SAASOA is to provide the knowledge, connections and advocacy necessary to deliver the compelling value (buying power) to convenience and other retail stores members. To consistently work harder and strive to exceed our member's needs and expectations of getting the best discounts, deals, service from each vendor, manufacturer or supplier, locally or from any other place. We, as this esteemed group's board members, will work selflessly to get each and every member the education, assistance, and tools to grow in business and prosper.

  1. We value the worth, dignity and rights of people and we will:
    • Provide an easily accessible, integrated continuum of services;
    • Ensure quality services that are business – centered, increase in overall profit, handling the situations with vendors, Government agencies and more.
    • Advocate for rights of persons and promote self-advocacy.
  2. We value independence and meaningful work for our members and we will:
    • Educate our members, their spouses and employees with tools to efficiently conduct business;
    • Advocate for quality health services and various other benefits:
    • Develop, maintain and expand working relations with vendors, community leaders, various Government bodies and more.
  3. We value all members and their contributions in achieving our mission and we will:
    • Communicate openly and honestly:
    • Involve members in various planning, policy development and performance objectives;
    • Recognize and reward exemplary involvement.
  4. We Value leadership at all levels and we will:
  5. We value maximum acquisition and efficient and effective management of resources and we will:

SAASOA has come together with the goal of reaching the level where all of our members get the deepest discounts possible, AND the above-mentioned access to tools for education, assistance, as well as other opportunities SAASOA provides to aid in growth in business (i.e. Suggest Sales, Promotions, Marketing, etc). In addition to being monetarily prosperous, we want the members to flourish in their businesses and purchase MORE of the merchandise from Preferred Vendors/Companies. We also want to do so in a manner that we can create a WIN/WIN situation for both our Members and the Preferred Vendors/Companies.